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Secrets of the Sealed Forest

Airships and magic spells that create fire and slow time don’t exist in the real world. That was what Joseph Erift always believed for seventeen years. They were just things you found in fantasy stories and video games. Or so he thought.

After winning an invitation to an exclusive game event and traveling halfway across the globe, Joseph is pushed on a journey by a coffee addicted professor that will forever change his life.

Now, to stop a vengeful young man from awakening an ancient power, he’ll have to battle stone chimeras in flooded ruins, avoid dancing trees in an ancient forest, and learn to control the magic within him. It’s the adventure Joseph always dreamed of, but now he worries he won’t live to tell the story.

Erift’s Journeys is an contemporary fantasy for ages 10+ with very mild language and fantasy violence. It features action and adventure, magic, and coming of age themes. It follows a young protagonist overcoming incredible odds while meeting new friends during an unexpected trip that leads to a long road of self-discovery.

It’s heavily inspired by fantasy video games such as Final Fantasy and is especially meant for middle grade audiences to ease them into slightly more mature work without throwing them headfirst into full adult themes. It’s an epic adventure for everyone.

Achievements and awards

The Dark Messengers

More than a year has passed since Joseph Erift and his best friend Eric Castis were lured into their first real life adventure. However, they must set all plans for college aside when Professor Benjamin Thessit, the same enthusiastic researcher who revealed to them the existence of real magic, contacts them again.

The mysterious moaning shadows that chase them to the airport quickly become the least of their concerns. Shortly after they arrive on The Murean Islands, the SIA, a worldwide organization monitoring their every move, threatens to shut down Professor Ben’s research before he can uncover answers to their dilemma. An old enemy returns, yet his appearance is overshadowed by a pair of mysterious entities that seek an ancient passage home. Even with the help of friends both new and old, Joseph worries Eric’s attempt at online stardom will only record their tumble down a more ominous path.

“The Dark Messengers” picks up a year and a half since Secrets of The Sealed Forest unfolded. Joseph and Eric have held off on their college plans at the urging of Professor Benjamin Thessit. While Eric is thrilled at the idea for another adventure, Joseph is more worried than anything. The second book in Erift’s Journeys continues to deal with themes of growing into an adult and self-discovery as characters seek to discover who they truly wish to be.

The Story

Erift’s Journeys is a story heavily inspired by RPG video games. While not LitRPG, it does consist of the same story structure you would find in most fantasy and adventure genres. It follows Joseph Erift as he and his best friend, Eric Castis, are invited to an exclusive presentation during summer vacation. From there, the events continue to escalate. Magic and exploding inventions become part of their every day as they are shown the amazing world that is awakening in our modern time by a coffee-fueled professor. However, their light-hearted trip is not all it appears to be and they soon find themselves pulled into the center of a chaotic problem.

Magic is an important part of the series. Casting spells can easily exhaust the user, especially if they’re a novice. As the professor explains, there are two sides to Magic.

Ivory Magic

Ivory Magic

Often used to help heal and protect

Obsidian Magic

Used in both offensive and defensive ways


There are eight elements in total

While there is no such thing as good or evil Magic in Erift’s Journeys, spells can easily be used by a good or evil caster. You will also find many elements in the magical world of Erift’s Journeys. Eight in total!

Whenever Magic is awakened back into our modern world, it seems that other things are returning with it. Joseph’s unexpected adventure will take him through many new and exciting locations as he is pulled deeper into the events that are unfolding around him.

However, he won’t be doing it alone.

Meet The Characters

Meet the author

J.T. Tenera - Author

J.T. Tenera will fully admit that he never wanted to become an author when he was a child. Born March 10th, 1987, his dreams consisted of one thing; making video games when he grew up. However, a project in the 8th grade changed his mind. His class was tasked with writing and illustrating their own children’s book. After receiving 110% on the project, and being told by his teacher that he was talented in story telling, he started down a more creative path. Especially since he later learned that making video games was a lot more complicated than he thought as a child.


Tenera originally published Erift’s Journeys when he was a senior in high school. It was a proud moment seeing the story he dreamed about finished as a real book. However, it was all just for fun. He wouldn’t realize his desire to take his writing to a professional level until 2019. Mostly self-taught, Tenera now works to bring his world to life for readers of all ages, all while doing his best to find time to game in between.


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