My BEST Writing Tip And Why You Should Follow It!

The best writing tip; it’s something every author attempts to seek out. We always want to find the best writing advice to follow so we can improve as much as possible, right? The problem is, not everyone works the same way. There’s so many different opinions out there on how to write and present your story. And that’s the thing. It’s YOUR story. You should be able to write it the way YOU want. At least, that’s what we want to think.

There’s rules to writing a story. Whether it’s fantasy, romance, horror, thriller; we all need to follow some set of guidelines or else our words will just run wild. Sentences making out with adverbs left and right, commas running amuck. It would be chaos!

However, those guidelines are JUST that. They’re guidelines. There to help guide you down the right path. That’s not to say you can’t have freedom when you write and that’s where my writing tip comes into play. It’ll be the one tip that helps make your story the best it can be!

Are you ready for it? Are you sure? Okay then

My favorite and 100% guaranteed-to-work writing tip is this.

Have fun with it!

Think about it, when do you do your best writing? Is it during segments you struggle with which result in you beating your head against the desk, or the scenes that you adore and wish would never end? I’m sure it’s the latter! The point is, having fun with your story is what will make it the best it can be. Writing is an art, and art is expressive. We’re pouring our emotions into sentences and paragraphs like a pot of coffee into your favorite mug. Tea also works if you don’t like coffee. There’s nothing wrong with some high quality H20 either. Staying hydrated is also important!

My point is, writing should make YOU just as happy as your potential readers. You should be smiling the entire way through, not wondering how and why you even started your current WIP.

And that’s it. It’s truly that simple. Yeah, it might seem pretty basic, but I think a lot of author’s get caught up in the struggles and lose their focus. Remember WHY you’re writing and keep that idea front and center.

Besides, if you’re not having fun writing your story, how can you expect your audience to have fun reading it?

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