The Adventure Begins

Erift's Journeys - Boss Encounter
The start of something is always the hardest part, and the first entry in this blog is no exception. I suppose since we’re both here, I might as well tell you what you will see going forward, right? Good, because that’s probably the best way to kick things off! My blog will consist of your pretty basic, author related things. Updates on my story, teasers for the coming books and events I plan to hold or attend. I might also talk about my journey to this point. Hopefully I’ll have more exciting news to report each time I post something, so who knows! I will also talk occasionally about video game related topics. After all, they were a big inspiration for Erift’s Journeys. I might do mini reviews, or talk about what games inspired the series and why. At the moment I plan to do two blog posts per month. Until then, keep your eyes peeled!